Cerebris Corporation was founded in 1998 by brothers Dan and Larry Gebhardt. Based in New Hampshire, Cerebris has developed custom software solutions for clients around the world.

Our focus is the creation of web applications using open source technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, and PostgreSQL. We actively contribute to a number of open source projects, including those just mentioned and a few of our own.

In 2006, we took a break from consulting to develop the time tracking service LiveTimer. Shortly after launching LiveTimer, we added expense tracking and renamed our service Syncd. We are currently working on a major rewrite of Syncd that will include collaboration features, invoicing, and a fresh Ember.js interface.


We consult on a limited basis through our partner Tilde. Both our firms share a love of open source and take a similar approach to web application development. If you are interested in working with us on a project of your own, please contact our friends at Tilde to get started.


Larry Gebhardt

Larry specializes in software architecture and database design. He's an experienced C++ and Java developer who now handles much of our backend work in Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL.

Larry has a degree in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University. When he's away from his computer, you can find him focusing on the ground glass of his large format cameras or out hiking with his family.

Dan Gebhardt

Dan has designed and developed web applications for the past 15 years, with a recent focus on frontend development with Ember.js. He regularly shares his experiences on our blog and as a speaker at conferences and meetups.

Dan has degrees in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Webb Institute. He enjoys carpentry, oil painting and spending time with his wife and two boys.