Our specialty is building API-driven web applications with rich and responsive frontends. We can help bring our experience to your teams and projects. The services we offer include:

Full Stack Architecture

Are you building an ambitious web application with demanding mobile, desktop, and native clients?

We can help architect all the layers in your stack needed to make your application really sing. Our team has over 30 years of web development experience between us.

Frontend Engineering

Do you need a modern JavaScript application that provides a great user experience and works well across many platforms - perhaps even offline? Do you want your application to use modern technology yet be maintainable for years to come?

Our team includes an Ember.js and Glimmer.js core team member, as well as the creator of Orbit.js. We're ready to help you navigate what has become one of the most challenging fields of software engineering.

Backend Engineering

Do you need a flexible and reliable API? OAuth authentication? Streaming?

Our team includes an author of the JSON:API specification as well as the lead developer of JSONAPI::Resources. Our specialty on the backend is Ruby on Rails, although we also work with Node.js and other frameworks.

Data Design

Would you like to build a data layer that aligns with your application's domain and is both performant and robust?

Our database of choice is PostgreSQL. We also have experience with Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Open Source Facilitation

Have you experienced the benefits of open source and want to get more involved?

Given our extensive open source experience, we are well positioned to help align your needs with the goals of a library or framework. We can navigate the RFCs and pull requests needed to both meet your needs and improve (or create) an open source project in the process.

Our consultants have shepherded a number of open source projects and features on behalf of clients, including Ember Engines, Ember Mocha, and even much of Glimmer.js.

Training and Mentoring

Does your team need to level up on a particular technology? Or perhaps you'd like to reserve a block of hours in which you can talk with an expert about your gnarliest issues.

We can help train and mentor you and your team, whether for a day or a week, onsite or remote. We focus on sharing problem solving techniques using hard-won conventions rather than dictating narrow solutions.

Interested in working together? Please get in touch!