We believe in the open web, so we work on open source tools that power rich web applications with great user experiences. Some of the projects we have helped build include:

Ember.js is a JavaScript framework for building ambitious web applications. We've been working with Ember since its inception in 2011. Dan joined the Ember.js core team in 2016.

Glimmer.js is a lightweight component library built by the Ember.js team. Dan has been heavily involved in designing and implementing the architecture of Glimmer.js.

JSON:API is a specification for building the next generation of RESTful APIs. Dan helped stear the specification to 1.0, and is acting as a steward to ensure that it evolves responsibly for years to come.

JSONAPI::Resources (or "JR") is a complete implementation of the JSON:API specification for Ruby on Rails. Larry is the creator and lead developer of JR.

Orbit.js is a composable framework for orchestrating change processing, tracking, and synchronization across multiple data sources. Dan is the creator and lead developer of Orbit.

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