LiveTimer Progress

September 16, 2007

Sorry for the lack of recent postings to this blog. We've been quite absorbed in the development of as we work towards the completion of the Beta period. It's been a very productive time as we incorporate insightful feedback from our users with our own ideas, and it's been quite rewarding to see the results.

The LiveTimer News discusses some of the recent updates to

  • Some Features for the Forgetful - New features have been added to retrieve forgotten account names and passwords.
  • New Report Features - Reports can now be "memorized" for quick viewing at a later date. Furthermore, recently viewed reports are now being tracked and can be viewed again with a single click.
  • New "Activity" Classification - An optional secondary classification for time entries has been added. Named "activity" by default, this classification is independent of the primary classifications already available (i.e. clients, projects and tasks).
  • ID Fields - We've added custom ID fields for classifications and users. IDs can be used to keep track of your data, and may reference IDs that you use elsewhere for project management or accounting purposes.
  • Bimonthly Report Filters - Reports can now be filtered by the periods "This half month" and "Last half month".
  • New Bulk Time Entry and Time Summary Views - Time can now be entered "in bulk" one day or one week at a time. While bulk entry may not be as accurate for tracking time as the Timer, we think you'll find that this is the most efficient way to make many time entries at once. In addition, we've embedded a Summary view within the Time Ledger. This view displays a filtered time summary report that is updated automatically as you make Timer entries.

Thanks again to everyone who's provided feedback thus far. We still have a few more updates planned before the Beta ends.