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Feb 03

LiveTimer is being renamed Syncd

We're going to rename LiveTimer to Syncd: why and when.
Jul 11

Tech Podcast Round Table - July 12th

Dan will demo LiveTimer at the Tech Podcast Round Table on Saturday July 12th.
Jan 24

LiveTimer is Out of Beta!

The beta period is over: LiveTimer is ready for prime time.
Sep 16

LiveTimer Progress

Highlights of recent updates to
May 20

LiveTimer News

Announcing the launch of the LiveTimer News, which is devoted to the latest news, features and updates for
Apr 21

Lesson Learned: Account Activation

Should account activation be required before users can simply try out a service?
Apr 10

LiveTimer Pricing

Announcing simple, fair pricing for
Mar 31
2007 is Alive and Ticking!

Our new time tracking service,, has just been launched.