Ceriously... Our New Blog

March 31, 2007

It seems fitting to introduce our new blog, Ceriously..., just as Spring is beginning to break here in New Hampshire. In a way, our company is coming out of a long hibernation away from the public eye. For years, we've been steadily working on custom software solutions, thanks to a handful of corporate clients who have kept us busy with as much work as we can handle. We've been fortunate that this has continued despite a complete lack of advertising, save "word of mouth" from our clients.

So what's changed?

We still love to design and create software solutions for our clients. However, if given the choice between solving the same problem over and over again vs. solving it once and providing that solution to everyone, we'd prefer the latter.

We've identified several business problems that seem to come up repeatedly, whether for ourselves or for our clients. We'd like to tackle these problems head-on with commercial web applications. The first of these is LiveTimer.com, an online time tracking service that will be launched as a public BETA later today. Please check back soon. [EDIT: You can read the announcement here]

So why write a blog?

To post pictures of our cats, of course!

Dan's cat

Well... actually, we do have something to say that we hope you'll find interesting. We plan to write about our applications, software design and development in general, the business side of web applications, and perhaps a diversion or two, but we'll really try to leave our cats out of this.

The other reason that we've decided to blog is to have an open dialog with our customers and the world at large. We don't want this blog to be a soapbox, but rather a conversation. So please always feel free to comment on any of our postings.