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Jan 24

Beginning Ember.js on Rails: Part 1

The first in a series of posts about using Ember.js in Rails apps.
Jan 20

Warming up to Ember.js

An overview of Ember.js and what makes it stand out among javascript MVC frameworks.
Sep 07

Tame Rails Email Dragons with Mailhopper

Introducing a new gem to help bring asynchronous mail delivery to your Rails apps.
Mar 15

Creating and Managing Private RubyGems with Jeweler, Github and Bundler

A workflow for creating and managing private RubyGems.
Mar 11

Introducing I.O.U. Mate

Introducing, a free service for tracking I.O.U.s and allowances with friends and family.
Feb 14

Cloning a Heartbeat Server

A solution to a problem that often occurs when setting up a failover server with Heartbeat.
Jan 12

Building upon a Building Year

A reflection on 2010 and a look forward to the year ahead.
Feb 03

LiveTimer is being renamed Syncd

We're going to rename LiveTimer to Syncd: why and when.
Nov 05

Joie de Vivre

A reflection on the importance of making ordinary experiences more pleasurable.
Nov 04

Writing Tip: Don't Let Words Hide

Just a simple writing tip.